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Dialog provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Dialog IC.

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Title Description 亚博电竞菠菜 Keywords
This app note describes the importance of PCB design with Dialog integrated power switches to achieve desired thermal performance. Corresponding calculations and thermal images are provided. SLG59H1302C,SLG59H1006V,SLG59M301V,SLG59M1568V,SLG59M1717V,SLG59M1748C,SLG59M1557V Theta Ja Calculations, PCB Layout, Thermal considerations
这众多的ion note describes how to extend the maximum operating current range of Dialog integrated power switches while preserving all protection features SLG59H1313C,Power Switching: GFET3,SLG59H1005V,SLG59H1007V,SLG59H1008V,SLG59H1009V,SLG59H1010V,SLG59H1012V,SLG59H1013V,SLG59H1016V,SLG59H1017V,SLG59H1019V,SLG59H1020V,SLG59H1120V,SLG59H1126V,SLG59H1127V,SLG59H1128V,SLG59M1440V,SLG59M1442V,SLG59M1446V,SLG59M1448V,SLG59M1456V,SLG59M1457V,SLG59M1460V,SLG59M1466V,SLG59M1470V,SLG59M1495V,SLG59M1496V,SLG59M1512V,SLG59M1515V,SLG59M1527V,SLG59M1545V,SLG59M1551V,SLG59M1556V,SLG59M1557V,SLG59M1558V,SLG59M1563V,SLG59M1568V,SLG59M1571V,SLG59M1598V,SLG59M1599V,SLG59M1600V,SLG59M1603V,SLG59M1606V,SLG59M1612V,SLG59M1614V,SLG59M1638V,SLG59M1639V,SLG59M1640V,SLG59M1641V GFET, HFET, IPS, Integrated Power Switches, Integrated, Power, Switch, Maximum Operating Current
这众多的ion note describes how to use Dialog unidirectional integrated power switches in bidirectional applications SLG59M1442V,SLG59M1545V,SLG59M1556V,SLG59M1558V,SLG59M1657V,SLG59M1709V,SLG59M1710V,SLG59M1721V,SLG59M1735C,SLG59M1599V,SLG59H1006V,SLG59H1007V,SLG59H1008V,SLG59H1009V,SLG59H1010V,SLG59H1012V,SLG59H1013V,SLG59H1016V,SLG59H1017V,SLG59H1019V,SLG59H1126V,SLG59H1120V,SLG59H1127V,SLG59H1128V
本应用笔记描述的一些解决方案power splitter design using Dialog's integrated power switches, showing advantages and disadvantages of each solution SLG59H1313C,SLG59H1008V,SLG59H1006V,SLG59H1302C
Important considerations include desired electrical performance, system transient requirements, load parameters, and voltage deviation specifications SLG59M1714V
这众多的ion note describes how to use Dialog's IPS to solve some common problems caused by powering up on high capacitive loads SLG59M1717V
这众多的ion note shows how to extend the SLG59M1693C's maximum operating current range SLG59M1693C
这众多的ion note describes the benefits of controlling inrush current with slew rate control using Dialog Load Switches SLG59M1717V
这众多的ion note describes some common problems caused by operating inductive loads SLG59M1638V Inductive Load, Power Switch
这众多的ion note describes an energy harvesting solution using a supercap that minimizes or eliminates the use of batteries in low power applications such as electronic door locks or data loggers SLG59M1710V,SLG46533 Boost Converter, Energy Harvesting
In this app note, two high-side switching methods are evaluated: a relay for “instantaneous” switching, and the SLG59H1012V HFET which has a programmable output dV/dt SLG59H1012V Power, Switching, Inductive, Loads, Surge, Noise, Sensitive, Applications, Radioshack, Motor, HFET, DC, Vibration, Amplifier
这众多的ion note shows that the power management controller and the LiPo charger (including the buck and boost DC-DC converters) can easily be implemented using a GreenPAK SLG59M1709V,SLG46620 Auxiliary, Smartphone, Battery Power, Management, Circuit, LiPo Charger, Constant Current, CC, Constant Voltage, CV
Using TVSs is an easy way to protect Dialog's HFET1 devices from fast inductive overvoltage spikes SLG59H1006V,SLG59H1005V,SLG59H1007V,SLG59H1008V,SLG59H1010V,SLG59H1120V,SLG59H1126V Over Voltage Protection, Protection from Inductive Loads, Transient Protection
Using dual-channel SLG59M1639V or a pair of single-channel SLG59M1748C devices makes it easy to multiplex two power rails to one common output SLG59M1639V,SLG59M1641V,SLG59M1748C Power Rail Multiplexing, Power Multiplexer, Switching 2 Inputs to Common Output, Power Make-Before-Break System
GreenFET3 Integrated Power Switch Basics (Japanese) SLG59M301V,SLG59M1446V,SLG59M610V,SLG59M611V,SLG59M1527V,SLG59M1512V 集積化パワースイッチ, 逆流防止, 過電流保護, 短絡電流制限, アクティブ電流制限, 過熱保護, GreenFET, スルーレート感度分析, 基板スイッチング, 逆直列接続
The GPAK (Programmable Mixed Signal) and GFET (Integrated Power Switch) provide a simple, cost-effective solution for switching between supplies; they occupy the smallest area and can be programmed in seconds. SLG55021 Power Switch, Power Mux, 12V/5V Power Mux, Dual Supply
这众多的ion note describes the general operation and protection features of integrated power switch (IPS) products in GFET3 and HFET1 product families SLG59H1006V,SLG59M301V,SLG59M1446V,SLG59M610V,SLG59M611V,SLG59M1527V,SLG59M1512V Integrated Power Switches, Reverse Current Blocking, Current Protection, Short Circuit Limit, Active Current Limit, Thermal Protection, GreenFET, Slew Rate Sensitivity Analysis, Bulk Switching, Back to back FET, HFET, GFET, SOA
The app note demonstrates how GreenFET and GreenPAK can be applied in Dimming LED Driver SLG59M301V
The app note demonstrates how GreenFET and GreenPAK can be applied in Dimming LED Driver (Chinese) SLG59M301V
Reverse Current Blocking with GreenFET Load Switches

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