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DA1468x SDK创建定制的概要文件

da1468x sdk suota.

Dialog SmartBond™ DA14586

Industries First Inductor-less 50W Power Converter


Dialog SmartBond™ DA14586


SDK 5模板工程

Dialog Semiconductor SDK 5 Custom profile (Chinese)







SSL terminology

When designing dimmable LED-based luminaires, terms such as “popcorning”, “drop out”, or “dead travel” frequently arise. This SSL Terminology video provides an animated overview of these and other key terms and related issues surrounding dimmable solid state lighting application design.


在设计可调光基于 LED 灯具时,"popcorning"、"退出",或者"调节失效"等术语频繁地出现。这个SSL 术语视频用动画的形式概述以上这些和其他关键术语以及与可调光固态照明应用设计相关的问题。

Smart IGBT Controller iW248


An introduction to the iW3662, an LED driver offering universal transformer compatibility for MR16 applications. With intelligent digital control algorithms, the iW3662 works with both electronic and magnetic transformers and offers good dimming range without flicker or shimmer, even in low voltage applications down to 4W.


IW3662简介,能够提供广泛电子变压器兼容性的MR16 LED 驱动电路。采用智能数字控制算法,iW3662能够同时兼容电子和磁变压器,提供宽范围并且无闪烁的调光深度,应用功率可以低至 4W。


An overview of the exceptional dimmer compatibility and dimming performance of the iW3688. Ideal for replacement LED bulbs up to 20W of output power, the iW3688 also eliminates the need for over 20 external components, including the external bleeder circuit, through the use of active integrated biasing and Dialog's advanced digital control algorithms.




了解对话框的SmartDefender™Smart HiCcup技术如何在移动电源适配器电缆和连接器中寻址软短路,而不会过度加热和损坏 - 所有这些都没有额外的组件或成本。

SmartDefender (Chinese)

iW3640 Product Video

An overview of Dialog’s Flickerless™, 25W, two-channel SSL LED driver for color corrected, sunset dimming applications without the need for an external MCU and its dedicated power supply.


IW6401,来自对话半导体的SmartExite Products的SmartExite平台的第一个设备,提供“一尺寸适合所有”,高度可编程亚博电竞菠菜和连接的设备,具有Bluetyabo国际娱乐ooth®Smart,Wi-Fi,Zigbee®,Ledotron™/ Ledotron™/DLT(IEC 62756-1)无线数字调光,通过I2C控制总线拨动开关调光。

OTP Video

Learn how Dialog’s patented over-temperature protection (OTP) derating technology addresses LED bulb lifetime issues caused by excessive heat in low airflow retrofit bulb installations.

Chinese OTP video


Korean OTP video


Integrated power management and audio for portable applications

Charles Limonard谈谈:用于便携式应用程序的集成电源管理和音频亚博国际官网平台网址

SmartBond DA14580开发套件 - 专家

The development kit Expert is ideal for RF performance evaluation and consists of a starter kit and a daughterboard kit. The starter kit contains the motherboard that can be combined with one of several daughterboards depending on the targeted DA14580 package (WL-CSP34, QFN40 or QFN48). This kit comes with a SMA connector which enables you to perform a complete RF evaluation. Additionally, dedicated circuitry allows you, in combination with our complete software environment SmartSnippets™, to profile and fine tune the power consumption of your application to get the most out of the DA14580’s advantages.


Dialog's SmartPulse™ series of wireless sensors and base station devices enable the easy creation of wireless sensor networks for the home automation, security, healthcare and energy monitoring consumer markets.

SmartBond™ DA14580 -- Development Kit -- Basic

This Basic development kit gives you all flexibility to develop with confidence. All of the DA14580’s I/Os are available and mapped on to expansion connectors. A debugger is provided on the PCB which in combination with SmartSnippets™, Dialog’s complete software environment, enables you to program and test your application.



DA14680 Video


Supporting the Bluetooth 4.2 core specification, this highly integrated solution offers the flexibility to develop wearable and rechargeable systems consumers will love. It can manage multi-sensor arrays and enables always-on sensing, while tailoring its performance to your application’s needs at any given time to save