IOX Expansion Module

IOX Expansion Module

Use the IOX to collect, log and visualize IoT data from everyday sensors and meters, communicate with devices over serial interfaces, and control relays and actuators found in building and industrial automation systems. Easily share data with remote clients and cloud applications for alerts, analytics and more.

IOX是紧凑、可编程的同伴模块e to SmartServer™ IoT for connecting to industrial devices. It features multiple configurable digital I/Os and serial interfaces for controlling or communicating with devices such as digital sensors, dry contact relays, push buttons, etc. It also features optional power measurement for accurate energy metering


Hardware and electrical specifications

  • 2MB flash memory
  • 输入电源:12-42VDC 0.25A或10-30VAC 50/60 Hz 0.23A,或由USB供电时的5VDC
  • Power LED, Ready LED, I/O LED indicators
  • 重置和连接按钮
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +85°C
  • IP 20评级
  • Form factor: DIN 43880 4TE


  • USB C 2.0:1连接到SmartServer IoT的端口
  • 数字输入:8 @ 0-31V;每个都有5个可配置的范围
  • 数字输出:6光学隔离数字输出,100mA水槽
  • Relay outputs: 2 relay contacts; each supports up to 277VAC@10A or 30VDC@10A
  • 功率测量输入(仅限计量型号):通过外部CTS尺寸为100-277VAC(最多3个阶段)电压,电流和电源;精度0.5%;螺丝终端
  • RS-485:Modbus RTU的4个连接螺钉接线端子
  • RS-232:1 UART兼容界面
  • 5VDC:1参考电压输出,50mA最大电流


Digital input modes

  • 具有可选边缘触发的数字电平输入,实现与外部电压源的干燥接触或通过I / O扩展器电源输出来源
  • Frequency input with a range of 1Hz to 20kHz with a minimum resolution of <0.5% collected over configurable interval (1/s to 1/3600s)

Digital output modes

  • 数字电平输出采用开放式实施,要求外部上拉
  • Frequency outputs with minimum range of 1Hz to 20KHz; 0.005Hz minimum resolution
  • 可配置的单脉冲输出,通常高或常低输出;0到30天范围;1ms最低分辨率
  • Configurable pulse width modulated output with a configurable normally high or normally low output; 2ms to 30s period range; minimum resolution of 0.4% of the period


  • CSA/UL 62368-1, EN 62368-1
  • FCC第15级B类,EN 55032,EN 55024,AS / NZS CISPR 32 B类
  • RoHS II


  • Local I/O expansion module for Dialog’s SmartServer IoT
  • 使用IAP / MQ API可编程
  • 可配置的数字输入和输出
  • Isolated RS-485 interface for Modbus RTU
  • RS-232 interface that can be accessed from SmartServer IoT applications and drivers
  • USB接口到SmartServer IoT
  • 可选的高精度功率计量
  • IOX读取的数据记录在SmartServer IoT中或远程客户端和应用程序可访问亚博国际官网平台网址
  • 按钮复位/连接和LED状态指示灯
  • 5 VDC reference power source can be used to power simple devices
  • 在大多数设施,工厂和基础设施项目中使用的工业级规格




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