使用primAccurate™technology, we enable highly reliable AC/DC converters for networking applications without the need for an optocoupler to improve system efficiency and reduce overall BOM size and cost.



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IW628 自适应电压位置监视器iW1766C1型,IW1767AC / DC控制器 高效率、超低待机、超快速动态负载响应(DLR)AC/DC电源
iW657P型 USB Power Delivery 3.0接口控制器,用于AC/DC电源适配器和电源,具有D+/D-/CC1/CC2过压保护和集成电流感应 USB电源交付3.0,Qualcomm®QuickChark™4+,直接充电适配器;USB PD电源;伴侣iW1781oriW1791
iW671型 不推荐用于新设计 - 见iW673型 高功率密度,超低备用,超快速动态载荷响应(DLR)AC / DC电源
IW1702 Configurable Light-Load Operation Mode to Optimize for Low No-Load Power Consumption and Fast DLR 用于9V+应用的45W电源适配器,包括网络设备、显示器亚博国际官网平台网址、通用AC/DC适配器;用于5V+应用的外部输入OVP选项
IW1706. 优化72KHz最大开关频率 用于无线路由器和ADSL调制解调器的网络电源适配器
IW1707 primAccurate™SOT-23封装的数字控制器 网络电源适配器,用于无线接入点和ADSL调制解调器
IW1709 <50MW无负载功耗primAccurate™控制器 无线接入点、ADSL调制解调器、机顶盒和家用电器的网络电源适配器
IW1710 减少了组件的数量和成本;有关改进的性能,请参阅IW1760 网络适配器高达40W
IW1760 不推荐用于新设计 -IW1760B. 功率适配器高达40W
IW1760B. 1%输出纹波,解决方案小 网络设备,监视器,Ultrabook Power适配器高达45W
IW1762 可选电缆跌落补偿 针对15-24W之间的网络适配器进行了优化
IW1767 极快的动态负载响应 针对15-24W之间的网络适配器进行了优化
IW1770 具有SmartDefender™高级打嗝技术的高峰功耗功能CAC / DC控制器 Ultrabook, Network Device Power Supplies, Universal Input AC/DC Adapters to 40W
iW1815号 64kHz Integrated BJT Optimized for 12Vout, 7W Output Low-Power AC/DC Power Supply for Smart Meters, Motor Control, Home Appliances and Industrial Applications
iW1818号 72KHZ集成800V BJT优化12VOUT,12W输出,无光电耦合器,精确的电压交叉调节 用于网络和家用电器应用的低功耗AC/DC电源亚博国际官网平台网址
iW1819号 72kHz集成800V功率BJT,18W输出,无光耦,精确的电压交叉调节 用于智能电表、网络、机顶盒、家用电器应用的低功耗、紧凑型AC/DC电源亚博国际官网平台网址
IW1820 72KHz集成800V电源BJT优化5VOUT,15W输出,无光电耦合器,精确的电压交叉调节 Low-Power, Compact AC/DC Power Adapters/Chargers for Media Tablets, Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, AC/DC Power Supplies for Smart Meters, Home Appliances, Industrial Applications
IW1825 79kHz集成700V MOSFET,用于25W电源;集成可配置的轻载模式,以优化空载功率和快速DLR 25W AC/DC Power Supplies for Embedded, Home Appliances, Monitors and Networking Applications
IW1830 79kHz集成700V功率MOSFET优化12Vout,15W输出,无光耦,精确的电压交叉调节 用于网络和家用电器应用的低功耗AC/DC电源亚博国际官网平台网址


我们的开放式网络平台和工具在商业和工业IOT部署中连接监控器和控制设备。新的SmartServer IoT Edge Server平台使公司能够通过其革命性的开放式可扩展架构在IIOR中推动IoT的智能和自动决策,允许解决方案“拥抱”传统设备和协议,“扩展”与新兴的IOT协议和应用程序,“增强”亚博国际官网平台网址“云和AI系统的见解。


Dialog (through its acquisition of Adesto) has many years’ experience in implementing full-custom industrial system-on-chip (SoC) designs, achieving as much as 80% bill of materials reductions for our customers. What’s more, because we optimize both at block and system level, our chips deliver the lowest total system power consumption and area, while delivering the best performance. Our integrated approach makes reverse engineering exceptionally impractical, thereby protecting your intellectual property.

Application-Specific Memories



我们的通信集成电路设计,使可靠性able and easy communications for industrial devices and networks. Our highly programmable Power Line Communications (PLC) ICs enable OEMs to quickly develop robust and innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of automotive applications, such as industrial-strength reliability and scalability.

For decades, our LonWorks platform has been powering train braking systems, and is the basis of several standards in in-train control. Our OFDM-class PLC modems provide unprecedented level of flexibility and noise immunity, and support communication standards for in-truck sensor communication, such as PLC4TRUCKS and G3-PLC, as well as uniquely robust proprietary modes used in battery chargers and battery management systems.