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Complex specific systems in industrial and automation technology, automotive electronics or modern consumer goods often require tailor-made semiconductor solutions. The additional implementation of modern processor cores and the use of varying memory blocks, sensors and I/O generate entire systems-on-chip, so-called SOCs. We give our customers a decisive competitive advantage by providing bespoke, high quality, high-performance ASIC design without compromising on cost and time-to-market. Our proven design, development, and operations flow has successfully delivered time and again high volume ASICs to the most demanding customers into the world.

我们的ASIC产品亚博电竞菠菜在最苛刻的市场中运营,需要最高质量标准。对话一直在制定和提供汽车行业的Asics两十年。设计和生产是IATF 16949认证,可适用于ISO 26262标准对客户要求的功能安全的要求。通过提供最高质量和可靠性标准,提供了客户的成功,并提供了与一致的零缺陷策略相结合的。

我们与客户密切合作,从概念到供应,以确保我们每次都按时交付。请contact usto discuss your requirements.


Advanced Industrial Bus Controller

  • 3 x 250 MBit/s PHY with extended common mode range
  • Integrated openMSP430 CPU subsystem with 64 kB Flash and 64 kB RAM
  • 组合LDO / BUCK转换器1.2V核心电压
  • IO ADCs (3x10bit) and IO DACs (16 x 2 MS/s, 2x100 kS/s)
  • PLL with and without spread spectrum
  • 外部微控制器接口
  • LED矩阵输出
  • Package BGA-100, pitch 0.8 mm, 9x9 mm
  • phy低且恒定的延迟
  • 用于数字接口或模拟传感器的灵活IO配置
  • 3 PHY实例允许各种网络拓扑
  • phy包含时钟和时间戳单元
  • Decentral IO modules
  • 行业4.0
  • 机器到机器通信
  • Fieldbus for realtime communication


  • MOSFET driver with fully integrated charge pump for external N-channel MOSFET
  • 电源电压监控(POFF复位和启动电压)
  • Integrated reference voltage source
  • 集成振荡器和计时器
  • 用于修剪和操作模式设置的32位OTP模块
  • Charge control logic
  • 低电流消耗量
  • One-chip solution
  • 需要较少的外部组件
  • Electrical tooth brushes, shavers, hair trimmer
  • Similar household applications


This ASIC is designed for differential current instruments used for residual and fault current monitoring in power supply systems for EV (electric vehicle) charging applications. The ASIC outputs both digital as well as analog signals, and transformers are used to provide the currents.

  • 0,35 µm HVCMOS process
  • Supply voltage monitoring (POR)
  • 10-Bit DAC
  • SPI interface
  • 供应变压器
  • 可用于EV充电电缆
  • 测量率高达5 k样品/秒
  • 芯片时钟12 MHz的芯片产生,外部μC快速启动
  • External 32 kHz quartz as timing reference
  • 12 Bit resolution
  • Error monitoring
  • Integrated function test
  • Programmable gain & offset
  • Included DC/DC converter
AC and DC residual current monitoring in
  • 产业automation
  • High tech charger
  • Assembly lines

DSRC Baseband ASIC for Toll Collection

  • Compliant with DSRC-standard
  • 支持1.5MHz和2MHz子载波
  • Operation in Half-Duplex-mode
  • Automatic wake-up on DSRC-preamble
  • 少数外部组件
  • High-speed SPI-interface to external controller
  • Power-management for external controller (on-chip- LDO)
  • 用快速启动的片上钟表
  • 32khz-xtal-osc作为时序参考
  • Ultra-low-power standby-mode
  • 硬件中的DES算法
  • 在芯片电池上通过SPI备份8KB-SRAM
  • 单位电子收费


  • 具有集成CPU和NVM的单芯片解决方案(例如Flash或EEPROM)
  • Power reduction (3-4x)
  • High quality due to customized test
  • 低成本的替代品
  • 增强的性能
  • Long-term availability
  • 降低成本
  • Size reduction
  • 最适合的技术解决方案
  • Replacement of all FPGA-applications with high series production volumes running under a stable technical specification for long product lifetime.

LCD Matrix Driver

  • 0.8 µm HV-CMOS process
  • 可选的静态或笨拙的液晶驱动器
  • Programmable mux mode (2x38, 4x36 oder 8x32 pixels)
  • 在静态模式下驱动多达40个段
  • Dual RAM for display storage addressable as 8 x 40 words
  • LCD blanking by BLANK bit and STR signal
  • All segments on by SET bit
  • On chip LCD bias voltage generation
  • CSP带金凹凸
  • 芯片规模包装
  • Chip on glass mountable
  • LCD矩阵显示


  • Integrated photo diode line array with TIA pre-amps
  • High speed/accuracy laser diode driver
  • High speed 8 Bit-ADC
  • 用于距离测量的数字信号处理
  • 光清芯片秤包(TSV)
  • 高灵敏度
  • 抗反射涂层
  • High ambient light suppression
  • Smallest package, CSP with TSV technology
  • 防反射涂层
  • 产业optical distance sensor


  • Inductive position sensor ASIC
  • 36V IO-LINK兼容开关单元,用于电阻和电感负载
  • Integrated 16-bit microcontroller running fully featured IO-Link device stack
  • Temperature compensation of detection point
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 短路保护
  • Measurement principle selectable (ping mode or oscillator mode)
  • 芯片上的完整系统
  • Embedded µC
  • Royalty free solution
  • 嵌入式IO-Link界面
  • 产业position sensor application


  • AC resistor measurement
  • Over- and undervoltage detection
  • 推拉输出驱动器
  • Short circuit protection of the external load
  • 集成振荡器和计时器for output activation
  • Selectable selftest
  • External output enable
  • 反向电压供应保护
  • Integrated bandgap reference voltage source
  • PON重置电路
  • 根据AEC-Q100(1级,-40°C至+ 125°C)资格


  • 单芯片解决方案
  • Low price for cost sensitive products
  • Only a few external components needed


  • Automotive (diesel filters)
  • Water/diesel sensor for diesel filters
  • Level indicator in water (liquid) tanks


Power transmission according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC1) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards, dual mode operation supported. Broadband data communication link according to a software defined radio, direct sampling approach.

  • Simultaneous energy and data transmission
  • 感应传输通道(无需电触点)
  • Galvanic isolated power and data transceivers


  • Mobile devices
  • Cordless household appliances
  • 电动工具
  • Car connectivity
  • 可穿戴设备
  • 医疗植入物充电/数据提取

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