Industrial and Automotive ASICs

Industrial and Automotive ASICs

使用自定义ASIC启用您的产品愿景。点击here了解有关对话框的混合信号和高级RF ​​ASIC的更多信息

Complex Application Specific ICs (ASICs) Optimized for Price and Performance

在工业和自动化技术,汽车电子或现代消费品的复杂特定系统通常需要量身定制的半导体解决方案。现代处理器核心的额外实现以及使用不同的内存块,传感器和I / O生成整个片上系统,所谓的SOC。我们通过提供定制,高质量,高性能的ASIC设计,为客户提供决定性的竞争优势,而不会影响成本和上市时间。我们经过验证的设计,开发和运营流程已成功地交付时间,并将最高批量的批量交付到世界上最苛刻的客户。

Our ASIC products operate in the most demanding markets requiring the highest quality standards. Dialog has been developing and supplying ASICs for the automotive industry for over two decades. Design and production are IATF 16949 certified and can be adapted to the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety on customer request. Our customer’s success is guaranteed by providing the highest quality and reliability standards combined with a consistent zero-defect strategy.

We work closely with our customers from concept through to supply to ensure we deliver on time, every time. Please联系我们to discuss your requirements.

Examples of Mixed-Signal ASIC Products


  • 3 x 250 Mbit / s phy,扩展共模范围
  • 集成OpenMSP430 CPU子系统,具有64 kB闪存和64 kB RAM
  • Combined LDO/buck converter for 1.2V core voltage
  • IO ADCs (3x10bit) and IO DACs (16 x 2 MS/s, 2x100 kS/s)
  • PLL有和没有扩频
  • External micro controller interface
  • LED matrix outputs
  • Package BGA-100, pitch 0.8 mm, 9x9 mm
  • PHY with low and constant latency
  • Flexible IO configuration for digital interfaces or analog sensors
  • 3 PHY instances allow various network topologies
  • PHYs contain clock and time stamping unit
  • decentral io模块
  • Industry 4.0
  • Machine to Machine communication
  • Fieldbus for realtime communication

Charge Battery Controller for NiMH Batteries

  • 带全集成电荷泵的MOSFET驱动器用于外部N通道MOSFET
  • Supply voltage monitoring (POFF-RESET & START-UP voltage)
  • Integrated reference voltage source
  • Integrated oscillator & timer
  • 32 Bit OTP module for trim & operation mode setup
  • Charge control logic
  • Low current consumption
  • One-chip solution
  • Less external components needed
  • 电动刷,剃须刀,毛发修剪器
  • 类似的家庭应用亚博国际官网平台网址

Differential Current Measurement (Electrical Safety)

This ASIC is designed for differential current instruments used for residual and fault current monitoring in power supply systems for EV (electric vehicle) charging applications. The ASIC outputs both digital as well as analog signals, and transformers are used to provide the currents.

  • 0,35μmHVCMOS工艺
  • 电源电压监控(POR)
  • 10位DAC
  • SPI interface
  • Supply of the transformers
  • Can be used for EV charging cables
  • Measurement rate up to 5 k samples/sec
  • On-chip clock generation of 12 MHz with fast start-up for external µC
  • External 32 kHz quartz as timing reference
  • 12位解析
  • 错误监控
  • 集成功能测试
  • 可编程增益和偏移
  • 包括DC / DC转换器
  • 工业自动化
  • High tech charger
  • Assembly lines


  • Compliant with DSRC-standard
  • Support for 1.5MHz and 2MHz subcarrier
  • 半双工模式下的操作
  • 在DSRC-序言上自动唤醒
  • Few external components
  • 高速SPI-interface外部控制器
  • 外部控制器的电源管理(片上-LDO)
  • On-chip clock-generation with fast startup
  • 32kHz-xtal-osc as timing-reference
  • 超低功耗待机模式
  • DES algorithm in hardware
  • On chip battery backed 8kB-SRAM accessible via SPI
  • 在电子收费集合的船上单位

FPGA ASIC Conversion

  • Single-chip solution with integrated CPU and NVM (for example flash or EEPROM)
  • Power reduction (3-4x)
  • High quality due to customized test
  • Low-cost drop-in replacement
  • Enhanced performance
  • Long-term availability
  • Cost reduction
  • Size reduction
  • Best fitting technical solution
  • 更换具有高系列生产卷的所有FPGA应用,在稳定的亚博国际官网平台网址技术规范下运行,用于长产品寿命。


  • 0.8μmHV-CMOS工艺
  • Selectable static or muxed LCD driver
  • 可编程MUX模式(2x38,4x36臭氧8x32像素)
  • Drives up to 40 segments in static mode
  • 双RAM用于显示存储可寻址为8 x 40字
  • LCD blanking by BLANK bit and STR signal
  • 所有段由set bit
  • 芯片LCD偏置电压产生
  • CSP with gold bumps
  • Chip scale package
  • 玻璃上的芯片
  • LCD matrix displays

Optical Sensor ASIC for Distance Measurement

  • Integrated photo diode line array with TIA pre-amps
  • 高速/精度激光二极管驱动器
  • 高速8位ADC
  • Digital signal processing for distance measurement
  • Optical clear chip scale package (TSV)
  • High sensitivity
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • 高环境光抑制
  • 最小的包装,CSP与TSV技术
  • Anti reflecting coating
  • 工业光学距离传感器

Position Sensor ASIC

  • 电感位置传感器ASIC
  • 36V IO-Link compliant switching unit for resistive and inductive loads
  • Integrated 16-bit microcontroller running fully featured IO-Link device stack
  • 检测点的温度补偿
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protected
  • 测量原理可选择(Ping模式或振荡器模式)
  • Complete System on Chip
  • 嵌入式μc.
  • 免版税解决方案
  • Embedded IO-Link interface
  • Industrial position sensor application

Water in Diesel Sensor

  • AC resistor measurement
  • Over- and undervoltage detection
  • Push-Pull output driver
  • Short circuit protection of the external load
  • Integrated oscillator & timer for output activation
  • Selectable selftest
  • External output enable
  • Reverse voltage supply protection
  • 集成带隙参考电压源
  • PON RESET circuit
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 (Grade 1, -40°C to +125°C)


  • Single chip solution
  • Low price for cost sensitive products
  • 只需要一些外部组件


  • 汽车(柴油过滤器)
  • 用于柴油过滤器的水/柴油传感器
  • Level indicator in water (liquid) tanks

Broadband Data Communication for WPC and PMA Power Transfer Links

Power transmission according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC1) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards, dual mode operation supported. Broadband data communication link according to a software defined radio, direct sampling approach.

  • 同时能量和数据传输
  • Inductive transmission channel (no electrical contacts required)
  • Galvanic isolated power and data transceivers


  • 移动设备
  • 无绳家用电器
  • Power tools
  • Car connectivity
  • Wearables
  • Medical implant charging/data extraction