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低功耗,宽频带多I²C Addresses

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The DA7281 haptic driver with multiple I2C地址,结合自定义驱动序列(开和关共振)在高达1千赫。DA7281驱动ERM和LRA(窄带和宽带)执行器,并跟踪高达300 Hz的共振,在广泛的应用中提供高度复杂的点击/振动触摸效果。亚博国际官网平台网址

The DA7281 combines very low idle current consumption (360 nA) with low-latency trigger inputs to minimize the delay after button presses when an application process is in deep sleep.



  • 360 nA空闲功率模式,带全I2C control and memory retention
  • Wideband LRA driver: 25 Hz to 1 kHz with resonant mode
  • Frequency tracking support up to 300 Hz
  • Low-latency direct drive for haptics
  • On-the-fly diagnostics
  • 自定义波形序列
  • Linux和类C驱动程序(HAL)的三种驱动方法
  • 最多四个不同的I2C地址


  • Communicate with up to four DA7281's on the same I2C bus
  • 基于连续电流驱动监测的恒谐振频率跟踪
  • Ultra-low power consumption meaning longer battery life
  • Only 0.75 ms latency when responding from ultra-low power state
  • 驱动LRA关闭共振以实现自定义效果,或驱动双共振系统以实现二维振动
  • Enables wideband effects as well as supporting dual-resonant systems
  • Drives distinct haptic effects triggered by multiple inputs without need to wake the host processor
  • Detects issues with motor automatically
  • Frequency, time, amplitude triplets to program the waveform
  • Quick and easy software development using Dialog’s SmartCavas™ GUI


  • 智能手机
  • Gaming
  • Wearables
  • Portable computing systems (POS, Barcode Scanners etc.)
  • Computing – all-in-ones (display), Notebook PC
  • Any display driven consumer product
  • 汽车
  • Industrial
  • 医疗
12-pin WLCSP Package (0.4mm pitch)


日期 Version


DA7281 Block Diagram

Evaluation support

The Dialog SmartCanvas™ advanced GUI tool can be used in conjunction with the DA7281 evaluation board to enable quick and easy configuration of the DA7281 along with a connected LRA or ERM. The DA7281 evaluation kit is flexible enough to be used stand alone or wired into an existing customer application allowing it to be used to evaluate, design, and fine-tune haptic sequences easing system integration.

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