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Crystal Replacement Products

GreenCLK™ (GCLK™) is a silicon-based crystal replacement technology. Using a single robust clock reference (crystal, XO, or TCXO), GCLK can generate up to 6 clock outputs including an incredibly stable (±15PPM over -40C ̊ to 85C ̊ temperature range) 32.768 kHz output, as well as multiple high-frequency outputs of up to 50 MHz. Millions of top consumer electronics devices such as notebooks, netbooks, tablets, wearable devices, and smart phones, utilize Dialog’s GCLK to replace traditional quartz crystals

GreenCLK vs quartz crystals

GreenCLK Advantages Over Traditional Clock

  • Quartz crystals exhibit unstable +-PPM over temperature
  • Using one crystal per frequency is an inefficient use of space and power
  • The footprint of quartz cannot meet shrinking PCB demands
  • Quartz crystals are susceptible to shock and vibration
  • Discrete quartz crystal oscillators require excess components which increase board space, layout complexity and BOM cost

GreenCLK Benefits

  • Component Count Reduction – A single 6-output GCLK replaces up to 11 components
  • Simplified Layout
  • Reduced Power – As low as 0.8 μA for 32.768 kHz
  • Reduced Cost – Competitive pricing/BOM savings
  • Stable Performance Over Temperature – ±15PPM 32.768 kHz clock stability over -40C ̊ to 85C ̊ range