Intelligence, connectivity, safety and autonomy

From automotive navigation, safety and infotainment systems to monitoring and anti-collision systems for trains and cranes, to fleet management and asset tracking to satellite connectivity for vehicle communications, Dialog’s technologies are at the heart of critical established and emerging transportation technologies. Our solutions provide greater reliability and security, better global coverage, higher performance, and more efficiency for a broad range of transportation-related systems.


我们的通信IC旨在为工业设备和网络可靠且易于集成的通信接口。这些ICS使OEM能够快速开发符合工业IOT独特要求的强大和创新解决方案,例如工业强度可靠性和可扩展性。今天,您可以在航空远程信息处理,火车制动和起重机防撞系统中找到我们的通信IC,在主要都市轻轨和地铁的汽车通信系统,可靠的拖拉机 - 拖车传感器通信,以及在火车隧道和运输等相关领域站监控系统和燃油泵。详细了解我们的通信IC:

Product Portfolio
Product Key Feature 亚博国际官网平台网址
FT 6050 Multi-protocol ‘Free Topology’ twisted pair Smart Transceiver for industrial and commercial communication and controls 控制和自动化网络|智能建筑和城市|Building automation | HVAC | Lighting | Process controls | Energy management | Renewable energy | Rail Systems | Sound Equipment | Access and security | Industrial and agricultural automation | Condition monitoring | Secure POS | Retail and restaurant automation | Metering | Elevators and escalators
pyxos. Free Topology twisted pair Smart Transceiver for deterministic and self- organizing networks 工业和消费品|亚博电竞菠菜传感|汽车|建筑物|办公机器|运输|通信设备
Neuron 6050 Multi-core multi-protocol network processor for LON and BACnet control networks 控制和自动化网络|智能建筑和城市||楼宇自动化|HVAC |照明|过程控制|能源管理|可再生能源|轨道系统|声音设备| Access and security | Industrial and agricultural automation | Condition monitoring | Secure POS | Retail and restaurant automation | Metering | Elevators and escalators
SM2400 Multi-standard OFDM-based power line communications modem with superior performance in noisy environments 通信设备| Smart grid | Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) |Solar and alternative energy management | Smart lighting | Industrial Automation I Automotive
PL 3120 用于高度可靠的LON网络的窄带电力线智能收发器 通信设备| Smart Lighting | Metering | Security | Irrigation | Temperature control | Equipment Condition Monitoring | Building Automation


Our non-volatile memory (NVM) devices address the data logging and code storage needs of a broad range of transportation applications which require long battery life and high-reliability operation. These devices provide ultra-low power operation, wide voltage solutions, fast data transfer, and unique features that enhance system performance. You can find our memories in applications including vehicle telematics and tele-location systems, fleet management, vehicle door access control, brake controllers, crane management controllers and displays, and in related areas such as traffic light control, emergency lighting and parking terminals. Learn more about our non-volatile memory devices:


我们的开放式IOT平台和工具在商业和工业部署中连接,监控和控制设备。SmartServer IoT Edge Server通过拥抱传统设备和协议,将公司通过其革命性的IoT协议和应用程序扩展,并通过云和AI系统的见解来推动IIT的革命性开放和可扩展架构,通过其革命性的开放和可扩展架构推动IIT的智能和自动决策。亚博国际官网平台网址Dialog的SmartServer IoT非常适合连接,监控和控制通信网络。今天,您可以在运输相关应用中找到我们的系统解决方案,如隧道,火车和铁路系统以及运输中心。亚博国际官网平台网址了解更多有关我们的系统和软件解决方案的通信应用程序:亚博国际官网平台网址

Custom ASICs

我们多年在实施全定制系统的片上(SOC)设计方面的经验有助于我们的客户实现其产品愿景。我们在块和系统级别进行了优化,因此我们的芯片提供超低的总系统功耗和面积,同时还提供高性能,并且在客户的材料清单中减少了高性能,并且减少了80%。我们的综合方法使逆向工程不切实际,从而保护您的知识产权。我们为一系列运输应用提供了自定义ASIC,如M2M和远程资产连接,防闸制动器的车轮旋转传感,无人机电源管理和汽车信息娱乐。亚博国际官网平台网址了解有关我们的方式定制ASIC解决方案can help you design better transportation products.

Analog and Mixed-Signal IP

Our continuously growing portfolio of 400+ silicon-proven analog and mixed signal IP blocks offers class-leading performance, power consumption and area. Dialog’s portfolio of IP (through the acquisition of Adesto/S3semi) comprises precision data converters, power management, and RF IP blocks. Our ADC and DAC IP cores have class leading ENOB, INL and DNL figures. Whether it’s customizable power solutions for battery management for drones or RF IP solutions targeting narrow and wideband standards for GNSS in automotive applications, Dialog has the IP solutions for your designs. Learn more about ourmixed-signal and RF IP cores.