IzoT ShortStack SDK

IzoT ShortStack SDK

该试剂盒非常适合创建可能需要多达254个网络变量和数百个配置属性的低到中档控制器和多功能I / O设备

The IzoT ShortStack SDK is a software development kit that enables any product that contains a microprocessor to quickly and inexpensively become a networked, Internet-connected smart device. Using the IzoT ShortStack SDK, developers can easily add LON and LON/IP networking to new or existing smart devices.



  • The free developer’s kit includes the following:
    • Development tools
    • Application programming interface (API) source code
    • 对话框的智能收发器和Neuron®芯片的固件图像。
    • 用于创建自定义固件图像的库
    • Example application source code
  • 开发工具特征
    • 向导自动生成网络特定的源代码
    • 资源编辑器允许您查看和创建数据类型和配置文件


  • 包括Compact(<4 KB)ANSI C源代码API,可轻松到任何微控制器,以及简单驱动程序的参考设计,通常在一到两周内开发
  • 支持s the development of ISO/IEC 14908-1/14908-2 LON FT compatible devices using Dialog (formerly Echelon by Adesto) Series 6000, 5000, and 31X0 processors
  • 支持s the development of LON/IP-FT compatible devices using the Series 6000 processors
  • 使用简单的SCI或SPI串行接口与您的微控制器通信


  • Speeds development of communicating devices using the IzoT Markup Language to specify the network inputs and outputs for your device
  • 支持s applications with up to 254 network variables and up to 254 address table entries on Series 6000 processors for robust LON and LON/IP open standard control networking applications for new or existing products
  • 集成可互操作的自动安装(ISI)协议库允许您开发不需要安装工具的设备




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