LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer

LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer

Lonscanner FX协议分析仪是一个易于使用的Windows工具,可让制造商,系统集成商和最终用户观察,分析和诊断LONWORKS®网络的行为。它提供了数据网络分析仪中常见的先进生产力功能,适应了控制网络的独特需求。



  • Captures, analyzes, characterizes, and displays all ISO/IEC 14908-1 packets on a channel, letting you analyze network activity and traffic patterns in detail
  • Supports receive filters that reduce the amount of logged data, helping you isolate problems faster
  • Receive filters can be based on packets to or from specific devices or network variables, and on packets using selected ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol services
  • 将所有数据包保存到日志文件
  • Summarizes network activity with summary statistics calculated from the received packets
  • Compatible with native ISO/IEC 14908-1 channels
  • 与IP-852频道兼容(ISO / IEC 14908-4);IP-852支持需要在同一台计算机上单独许可LNS®Turbo服务器;IP-852监控限于转发到Lonscanner计算机的数据包


  • Summary data log display with one packet per line.
  • Highlights related packets to simplify log analysis.
  • Displays device addresses, network variable addresses, and network variable data in raw form, providing compatibility with any network.
  • 基于用户定义显示设备和网络变量名称,以及基于来自任何LNS网络数据库的名称,包括LONMaker®集成工具生成的名称。
  • 通过基于Lonmark®资源文件格式化网络变量值来简化数据解释。


  • 提供每条消息的文本描述,以及用于传输IT的ISO / IEC 14908-1协议服务的描述。
  • Eliminates the need to manually interpret the ones and zeros of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol.
  • 显示与网络行为相关的详细统计信息,包括总数据包计数,错误数据包计数和网络加载。
  • 显示总结网络加载和错误率随时间的摘要图,简化了在一天中不同时间的过度网络流量或通信错误的识别。
  • Reduces the time and effort needed to diagnose network problems





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