Lonscanner FX协议分析仪

Lonscanner FX协议分析仪

The LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer is an easy-to-use Windows tool that lets manufacturers, system integrators, and end users observe, analyze, and diagnose the behavior of LonWorks® networks. It provides the advanced productivity features common in data network analyzers, adapted to the unique needs of control networks.

LonScanner-LSPA Packet Log


  • 捕获,分析,表征,并在频道上显示所有ISO / IEC 14908-1数据包,让您详细分析网络活动和流量模式
  • 支持接收过滤器减少记录数据量,帮助您更快地隔离问题
  • 接收过滤器可以基于数据包或来自特定设备或网络变量的数据包,以及使用所选ISO / IEC 14908-1协议服务的数据包
  • Saves all packets to log files
  • 总结从收到的数据包计算的汇总统计信息的网络活动
  • 兼容Native ISO / IEC 14908-1频道
  • Compatible with IP-852 channels (ISO/IEC 14908-4); IP-852 support requires a separately licensed LNS® Turbo Server on the same computer; IP-852 monitoring limited to packets forwarded to the LonScanner computer


  • 摘要数据日志显示每行一个数据包。
  • 突出显示相关数据包以简化日志分析。
  • 以原始形式显示设备地址,网络变量地址和网络变量数据,提供与任何网络的兼容性。
  • 展示s device and network variable names, as well as network addresses based on user definitions or based on names from any LNS network database, including those generated by the LonMaker® Integration Tool.
  • Simplifies data interpretation by formatting network variable values based on LonMark® resource files.


  • Provides text descriptions of each message and a description of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol services used to transmit it.
  • 消除了手动解释ISO / IEC 14908-1协议的Zeros的需要。
  • 显示网络behav相关的详细统计数据ior, including total packet counts, error packet counts, and network loading.
  • 展示s summary graphs summarizing network loading and error rates over time, simplifying the identification of excessive network traffic or communication errors at different times of the day.
  • 减少诊断网络问题所需的时间和精力



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