Pyxos FT Network Chip

Pyxos™ FT Network Chip

The Pyxos platform is the embedded control networking platform from Dialog (formerly Echelon by Adesto) for stand-alone or LON-extending networking applications inside machines and in high-performance systems such as sensor and actuator I/O busses.

Pyxos embedded control networks reduce product installation, warranty, and life-cycle costs. Pyxos self-organizing networks reduce installation costs and equipment assembly time by eliminating the need to use special tools or skilled labor for network configuration. This minimizes material and labor costs. The remote diagnostics afforded by the Pyxos platform enable new features that let manufacturers access low-level data from sensors and actuators, such as process efficiency and energy usage. Employing these features for preventive and predictive maintenance provides reduced life-cycle costs and improved customer service.

The Pyxos FT network chip embeds both the protocol for a Pyxos platform and the transceiver for communicating on the Pyxos network. With the networking protocol implemented inside the chip, only application development is left to the user. The chip is a small 5mm x 5mm sized one that fits into virtually any sensor or actuator. The chip can be connected directly to digital I/O without a microcontroller, making for an ultra-compact smart device. Alternately, the chip’s serial peripheral interface (SPI) port can be interfaced with a wide variety of low-cost microcontrollers to accommodate more complex I/O requirements.


  • Low-cost embedded control networking chip for use inside machines and for extending control networks to high performance sensor networks
  • Miniaturized form factor fits into almost every sensor and actuator
  • Extensible architecture for seamless integration with LON control networks and the Internet
  • Self-organizing feature configures the network without special tools or skilled labor
  • High speed deterministic operation (≤ 25ms response time)
  • 312.5kbps network transmission speed
  • Polarity insensitive, free topology, twisted pair wiring


  • Link Power allows sending communication and power over same pair of wires
  • Robust performance ideal for industrial and consumer products and applications including automotive, buildings, office machines, and transportation
  • Exceptional data integrity with Forward Error Correction and 18-bit packet CRC
  • Exceptionally high common mode noise and interference immunity
  • Network pins ESD protection to over 8kV HBM
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 20 Pin QFN 5mm x 5mm package
  • RoHS-compliant


  • Industrial and consumer products
  • Automotive
  • Buildings
  • Office machines
  • Transportation

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