Power Conversion

Power Conversion

初准™ 以数字控制技术为核心的先进离线电源转换解决方案


  • Both stand-alone digital controllers and digital controllers with integrated power devices for embedded systems incorporating PrimAccurate™ and AccuSwitch™ technologies to reduce the number of external components.
  • Converters incorporating PrimAccurate™ technology enable accurate control of a secondary-side voltage to provide an AC/DC power supply for a wide variety of applications.
  • Dialog's Rapid Charge™ products enable faster charging of portable devices via USB through support of the Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology and the MediaTek Pump Express™ protocols.
  • Dialog’s PrimAccurate™ AC/DC converters and controllers offer ultra-low no-load standby power, high efficiency and fast dynamic load response to enable high performance while meeting stringent global energy efficiency standards.
  • 使用PrimAccurate™ 在技术上,我们通过消除对光耦的需求来提高系统效率,降低总体BOM尺寸和成本,从而使高可靠性的AC/DC转换器能够用于网络应用。亚博国际官网平台网址
  • 初准™ 这项技术为智能电表提供了坚固的解决方案,消除了光耦和Y形盖等易发生故障的元件。转换器还提供接近零的待机功耗和高效率的满载。

PrimAccurate™ control technology

Dialog's AC/DC products incorporate PrimAccurate™ technology enabling accurate control of a secondary-side voltage from the primary side of an isolated power supply without the need of an opto-isolater; improving reliability, reducing size and lowering total BOM cost.

我们的AC/DC转换器产品组合都利用了获得专利的PrimAccurate™ 控制技术。这项技术使用专有的数字算法,执行实时波形分析,以监测通过主变压器辅助绕组的输出电压和电流,而不是使用输出电压(隔离或非隔离)的直接反馈。


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