Power Factor Boost Controller for AC/DC Power Supplies up to 150W with Smart Standby

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Low Standby Power, Low Audible Noise in SOT23-6

The iW2206-01 boost PFC controller provides high power factor (PF > 0.9) and low THD (< 10%) at full load across the input voltage range. The device consumes less than 150mW no-load standby power at 230VACin designs up to 100W of output power using Dialog’s smart standby mode. And, for systems designed to operate at no-load for long periods of time, the power factor circuit can be disabled, further reducing the system no-load power consumption, ideal for high-power USB Type-C™ adapters.

The iW2206-01 integrates a full range of protection features and comes in a tiny SOT23-6 package, enabling a smaller total solution size.


  • PFC Boost Controller in SOT23-6
  • PF > 0.9 and THD < 10% @ Full Load Across Input Voltage
  • 150W Maximum Output Power
  • Input Voltage: 85VACto 265VAC
  • 允许电力供应满足IEC61000-3-2 Harmonic Current Requirements
  • Fast PFC Ready Time < 0.2s
  • Standby Power - < 150mW at 100W and Input Voltage of 230VAC

  • No Audible Noise During Startup and Transient Loads
  • Intelligent Shut Down Function
    • Pull Down VFB Pin for Lower Standby Power
  • Fully Protected
    • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Power, Over-Current, Sense-Resistor Short Protections
    • Input Voltage Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage Protection
    • Built-In Over-Temperature Protection
    • Open Loop Protection


  • High-Power USB Type-C™ Adapters and Hubs
  • Industrial Power Supplies Requiring Power Factor Correction

Block Diagrams

Functional block diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW2206-01 Product Summary 16/12/2020 Rev. 0.2

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