AC/DC Power Factor Correction (PFC)

AC/DC Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Better Power Factor Correction in Smaller Solution Size

We enable Power Factor Correction (PFC) with lower standby power and no audible noise, all in a smaller solution size.

AC/DC Power Supplies > 75W Requiring PFC

Dialog’s innovative PFC controllers use our smart standby mode to reduce standby power to less than 150mW and save BOM cost. Power supplies designed with Dialog’s PFC controllers can meet challenging power quality standards, including the IEC61000-3-2 harmonic current requirements. Our advanced digital control achieves excellent transient response compared to conventional analog controllers and reduces bulk capacitance to reduce BOM cost.

Product portfolio
Product Key Feature 亚博国际官网平台网址 Model
iW2206-01 Front-End Power Factor Boost Controller in SOT23-6 Package for up to 150W Applications Fixed Voltage Power Supplies with PFC Requirements