yabo国际娱乐AST&Science选择Dialog Semiconductor作为高级通信定制IC的首选供应商

Press Release

yabo国际娱乐AST&Science选择Dialog Semiconductor作为高级通信定制IC的首选供应商


London, United Kingdom and Midland, Texas – November 30, 2020Dialog Semiconductor plc(西特拉:DLG), a leading provider of battery and power management, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and Industrial edge computing solutions today announced thatAST与科学, LLC (“AST SpaceMobile”) a satellite company that is disruptively transforming satellite broadband access, has selected Dialog to develop four custom mixed-signal & RF ASICs for their SpaceMobile network.

AST SpaceMobile is the first and only space-based cellular broadband network that will be accessible by a standard smartphone and deliver connectivity from urban areas to the most remote global locations. Within Dialog’s recently established Industrial IoT Business Group, Dialog will develop four custom advanced RF chips that are part of the satellite electronics payload for SpaceMobile and this chipset enables a secure radio communications link. Dialog currently is the leading supplier of custom RF ICs for advanced satellite communication systems.

“We deliver measurable business benefits to customers like AST SpaceMobile by providing an advanced RF ASIC chipset that satisfies the most challenging technical and commercial requirements. Custom ASICs are part of Dialog’s DNA, with customers benefiting from our high-performance mixed-signal and advanced RF IP portfolio specifically in this case helping to provide the first space-based cellular broadband network for smartphones,” said Dermot Barry, VP Industrial ASIC Business Unit at Dialog Semiconductor.

“AST SpaceMobile选择Dialog的决定是基于Dialog在服务卫星通信市场方面的成功记录。他们一直是卫星通信客户的关键供应商,拥有满足AST SpaceMobile项目要求所需的混合信号和射频IP范围,”AST SpaceMobile首席运营官兼首席财务官Tom Severson说。“随着Dialog加入我们的供应商网络,我们期待着与Dialog继续保持我们的关系,并通过设计、开发和终身供应这些关键任务芯片来支持我们,填补50多亿人的蜂窝覆盖空白,使AST SpaceMobile能够为世界带来无缝互联网连接。